Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Am I Missing Something?

Does this look like it will save us money?

Company moves from high wage, high cost London to low wage, low cost North. Funds its move by selling valuable site in London for commercial offices and luxury flats. Profits increase. Everybody's 'appy.

So... er, why does the BBC reckon its move up North will cost us taxpayers even more? How can they possibly use that as an argument for a bigger licence fee settlement? They say:

"Last week the BBC's Board of Governors approved plans to move some departments to Greater Manchester, saying they gave licence fee payers value for money.

But they stressed the move to Salford still depends on the licence fee settlement, which is due in early 2007."

They are claiming the move will cost an extra £400m, and if they don't get it, they're staying put in London. Wet Tess has obviously folded:

"I can say this afternoon that it is my expectation that the BBC will make that move. The government will ensure that the structure of the licence fee settlement makes clear that the move to the North West will happen."

Now why on earth would the government want to bribe the BBC to site its operations in Labour constiuencies up North?

Nah. Can't be right.

You'll be telling me next they're directing NHS funds to hospitals in marginal Labour constituencies.

PS Two obvious ways to cut costs. First, WTF are the BBC going to a flash new media city in Salford Quays (pic)? Manchester already has Corrie, not to mention the chipmunk as Salford MP. No, the BBC should go somewhere really cheap, like Hull or Easington. Second, as we found out a while back, at least £21m of the extra cost comes from the BBC management's unwillingness to order its metro-media staff up to Manchester. It wants to use our money to bribe them instead (see this from Stephen Pollard). But as I watch the development of 18 Doughty Street, I'm coming round to the view that there are literally thousands of people right round Britain who can do those jobs just as well. And most of them will work for a lot less than the protected, final salary pensioned, overhead laden drones of the BBC. If the drones are stamping their little feet, they should be shown the instruments of torture - the icy zero-salary, perkless world of free internet TV.


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