Friday, December 29, 2006

2006 Non-Jobs Report

Deputy Assistant Directors of the Community Nomenclature Empowerment Initiative

Once again, the TaxPayers' Alliance's Peter Cuthbertson has gritted his teeth and girded up his wossnames to perform his annual service to the nation. Delving into the reeking depths of the Grauniad's notorious Society public sector supplement, he has dredged up 2006's most outrageous non-jobs.

You should grit your own teeth and read his report, but here's a taster:

  • Assistant Director, Well-Being and Community Services Employer (you mean there's a Director as well?): Hampshire County Council; Salary: Up to £85,000
  • Cardboard Citizens Managing Director: Arts Council; Salary: £45,000
  • Floating Support Services Deputy Manager
  • Programme Manager for National Supporting People Value Improvement Programme
  • Equality and Diversity Service Equalities Project Officer
  • Head of Achievement and Inclusion
  • Play Development Officer
  • Welfare Rights Outreach Adviser
  • Deputy Assistant Director Community Nomenclature Empowerment Initiative

And the thing is, none of this has been made up. We taxpayers really are shelling out real money to pay for it (well OK, the last one I made up... but how would you tell?)

And these jobs are incredibly well paid- Peter calculates that "the average starting salary for a full time position advertised in Guardian Society is £11,405 more per annum than the mean private sector wage in 2006 (£36,894 and £25,489 respectively)." What's more, they also qualify for those gold-plated public sector pensions, 37 hour working weeks and masses of perks (see report).

The only slight relief Peter can find is that the total salary bill for this year's advertised posts is a shade less than last year's- £767,343,282 (excluding pensions and perks) vs £787,319,556. But as regular readers of BOM will know, that's only because the Gruaniad has been losing out to new online methods of public sector non-job advertising (see this blog).

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