Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tess On Rack

Finance expert Tess reassures us on Olympics

I've just driven home listening to Tess J being racked at the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee. I must say there wasn't nearly enough screaming for my taste, but she has at least now admitted the 2012 costs are heading up.

Partly because she has decided to spend £400m on "an Olympic partner who will ensure the budget is stuck to", the... er,budget has been breached. So that rigorously costed figure of £2.375bn is now a rigorously costed figure of £3.3bn.

And her response to resigned ODA Chairman Jack Lemley's pretty clear indication that the budget is completely out of control?

"I disagree with him."

Right. So lets just remind ourselves of their respective qualifications for making such statements:

Jack Lemley:
1960-1967: Various Graduate Positions (Guy F. Atkinson Company)
1967-1969: Assistant Project Engineer — Shift Superintendent, Guy F. Atkinson Company Mica Dam Contractors
1969-1970: President, Healthcare, Inc.
1971-1972: Project Manager, Walsh-Canonie Joint Venture (Guy F. Atkinson Co.)
1972-1975: Contracts and Engineering Manager, Water Tunnel Contractors (Consortium led by Guy F. Atkinson Co.)
1975-1977: General Manager, Walsh Construction Company (Subsidiary of Guy F. Atkinson Co.) 1977-1979: Vice President, Special Assignments (Marketing), Guy F. Atkinson Co.
1979-1981, General Manager, King Khalid Military City Project, M-K Saudi Arabia Consortium
1981-1983, Vice President, Heavy and Marine Group, Morrison-Knudsen Company, Inc.
1983-1985, Group Vice President, Heavy and Marine Group, Morrison-Knudsen Company, Inc.
1985-1987: Senior Vice President, Construction Division, Morrison-Knudsen Company, Inc.
1987-1988: President and Chief Executive Officer, Blount Construction Group of Blount, Inc.
1989-1993: Chief Executive Officer, Transmanche-Link Joint Venture — TML, The Channel Tunnel Contractors
1995-2001: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, American Ecology Corporation
1988 - present: Principal, Jack Lemley Associates

Psychiatric social worker
Assistant director of the mental health charity MIND

Now, whoyagonnacall?

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