Sunday, November 26, 2006

Potmen Beast* Ms Kettle


It seems the problem with the Olympics is all down to Tess:

"Tessa Jowell will be sacked from her job of running the Olympics when Gordon Brown becomes Prime Minister, according to senior Labour sources. The Chancellor is said to regard Miss Jowell, heavily criticised for allowing the Olympics bill to run out of control, as being 'too lightweight' to head such a massive project.

'Tessa is out of her depth dealing with figures running into billions,' said a Labour MP with close links to the Chancellor. 'We need a tough nut who can do the sums and command more respect across the negotiating table. Gordon will not allow the bill for the Olympics to undermine his reputation for keeping a rigid control of public spending.'

Que? "Reputation for keeping a rigid control of public spending"? Are we talking about same the bloated socialist buffoon who's presided over a doubling of NHS spending, 80% of which has been wasted on cost increases, etc etc?

Even better:

"Miss Jowell's ability to deliver the Olympics on time and on budget is also questioned by Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, according to Whitehall insiders. They say Mr Prescott doubted whether Miss Jowell or her Culture Department officials were capable of managing one of the most expensive building projects in British history.

'Mr Prescott wanted a bigger role in handling some of the land deals because of his own experience in local government,' said an insider."

We hardly need elaborate on the experience of a bloated socialist croquet-playing secretary-groping buffoon who has presided over an entire catalogue of financial disasters and dubious property embroilments, and who despite having no job, is still costing us £2m pa. And is still eating all the pies.

Now, clearly - as we've blogged many times - financial nincompoop Tess is way, way out of her depth. But the basic problem with the Olympics fiasco was the decision ever to pitch for it in the first place.

*Footnote- Ex-teacher Mrs T has put her red biro through "Beast"- she reckons nobody will know what "beasting" is. I beg to differ: according to the authoritative Zillapedia!, it's meaning is precise- "Beasted: To get owned or pushed around". Which is exactly what what these bullying playground whisperers are doing to Tess.

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