Friday, November 24, 2006

More Waste News From BOM Correspondents

At least they got the right ammunition

Over at the Purple Scorpion, there's a good summary of recent Big Spender outrages. Prezza, the Commissar, and the Met once again all feature strongly, but the Scorpion also points to two future threats hurtling down the track towards us: the upgrade of the West Coast mainline - now projected to cost £8.6bn against an original budget of £2.5bn - and the... ugh, I can feel another attack coming on... the Olympics.

Meanwhile, EJD points us to all that duff ammo our boys on the North West Frontier are being forced to use. According to the Telegraph report:

"The situation became so serious that a platoon from the 3Bn The Parachute Regiment refused to go out on patrol until the problem was resolved. The troops had to borrow ammunition off Canadian and American special forces as they battled to fight off Taliban attacks."

The Telegraph page also links to a shocking video apparently showing two British paratroopers struggling to use the duff bullets in combat.

It's all because MOD have been trying to offset the waste of money poured into all those ludicrously overpriced and unneeded cold war weapons by cheeseparing on essentials for the real frontline:

"It is thought that the batch of ammunition was from either Pakistan or the Czech Republic, where a round costs 60 US cents. The price for British, Canadian or American ammunition is $1.50. With many thousands of rounds fired, using cheaper ammunition would have saved thousands of pounds."

Words really can't describe the hypocrisy of grandstanding politicos who send our troops into battle without the proper kit to protect them. Let's all hope there's a special place in hell reserved for them.

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