Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ignorant Public

Snow: I see no evidence

Blood-boiling snippet on C4 News this pm. They were discussing the issue of whether ASBOs have become a counterproductive "badge of honour", and Snow was talking to the Home Office's Head of Anti-Social Behaviour (watch report here).

She reckoned that before rubbishing the scheme, somebody should have asked the victims of such behaviour what they thought, because the public were strongly in favour of ASBOs.

To which Snow responded, yes, but if you asked the public, "they'd want to hang people... the public are in favour of anything that beats up on people".

Snow of course is the metro lib media WRIT LARGE. His father was a bishop, and he didn't just go to a genteel public school, he actually grew up in one.

The Major and I are strongly in favour of capital punishment because the evidence clearly shows it would deter the slaughter of hundreds of innocent victims every year (see this blog). Snow would prefer to condone those deaths in order to avoid "beating up" on murderers. And he is prepared to overrule the wishes of the majority because... well, what do they know?

But then, I guess there's no real danger Jon will ever have to live on say the North Peckham Estate.


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