Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Government Spending Transparency Bill

Good title, George...

Let's face it, BOM has been grimly unimpressed by George Osborn's timidity on tax and spend. But now at last he's done something we can wholeheartedly applaud.

Yesterday he announced the Tories would be introducing a Government Spending Transparency Bill (see here for bill and also check out the accompanying Follow The Money website). It would be modelled on the new US Act just signed into law by President Bush.

Britain desperately needs this, which was why we proposed it just three months ago (see this blog, and our entry into Conservative Home's 100 Policies).

So hurrah! Doubtless our current high spending government will find some reason why we can't have it, but come 2010, we will expect it to be right up there on George's list.

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