Thursday, November 23, 2006

Good News For The Gentlemen

Brandy for the parson, baccy for the clerk

The European Court of Justice has just ruled that the tobacco smuggling industry should continue to be protected against the predations of a market free-for-all.

Contrary to earlier reports (see this blog), the Court has now decided that we will not be allowed to make on-line purchases of cheap French fags and booze for home delivery, and will need to continue our reliance on boot sales. The gentlemen will be pleased.

As will Gordo, since he stood to lose £15bn pa.

But of course, tobacco smuggling already costs the rest of us taxpayers £3bn pa (see this blog), and with massive Gershon job cuts at HMRC, there isn't the faintest chance that number will be coming down any time soon.

Carry on trotting.

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