Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Congratulations To TPA

Last night Mrs T and I attended the inaugural ConservativeHome Awards. An evening of unashamed glitz and glamour: from the limos disgorging scores of vestless starlets onto fully 200 yards of red carpet, right through to Tim Montgomerie threatening to break legs unless people paid their ten quid entrance fees.

Many worthy award winners, including the excellent Richard Bacon for his outstanding work on the Public Accounts Committee.

But naturally we must single out the TaxPayers' Alliance, which won the One to Watch Award. Well done to all at Warwick Row.

PS Best off the cuff acceptance speech came from Matthew Parris, who like all of us had watched a huge wasp buzzing ominously round the room. He reckoned it was like ConservativeHome buzzing round the Tory Party, always liable to sting. The party should welcome it, because "you may be a wasp- but you're our wasp".

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