Friday, November 24, 2006

Chippenham In Olympic Bid Madness

Webb: "We're already seventh in the Southern League Premier Division"
Despite knowing all about the multi-billion financial disaster now befalling London taxpayers, Chippenham Wiltshire is pressing ahead with its own Olympic bid. According to This Is Wiltshire, civic leaders see a brilliant Olympic future for the town. Chippenham Town chairman Sandie Webb (pic above) says:

"The 2012 games is hugely exciting and we want Chippenham to be a big part of it. We have numerous locations in the district which would be suitable for a number of sports."

They reckon it wouldn't cost taxpayers much because local businesses "would come on board".

Local employers? And who might they be? The town has a population of 33,000 and according to Wiki, "the largest employer in the town appears to be a part of Westinghouse". Hmm. Actually I suspect the largest employer is probably North Wiltshire District Council.

Look, Sandie, love, I think maybe you should go and lie down for a while. Say, until 2013.

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