Friday, October 20, 2006

Real Politics

Stuck in the middle with Mary Ann
As discussed on last night's Your Money programme, the Tory response to the excellent Forsyth report was disjointed and confusing. And freaked out by his first-strike savaging from Balls and the BBC, George was forced even further into the corner:

“We will not be promising reductions in taxation at the election. Any changes in taxes will be revenue-neutral.”

Naturally, the lib media is pleased. Mary Ann Sieghart positively drools over George's political shrewdness in making tax cuts secondary to "economic stability". We all know (Mary Ann probably included) that these things are not actually economic alternatives, but as she notes, "stability" is reckoned to be political code for "we won't push your mortgage rates up to 15% again".

So we're well and truly stuck. All three parties clinging together on the perceived electoral centre ground of tax and spend, frightened to move in case they fall into a chasm.

Meanwhile the real right gathers strength, fueled by a shared contempt for Westminster politics, and rapidly coalescing via the new media (as Danny Finkelstein was pointing out on Newsnight last pm). We're even getting out to meet some like... real people.

Bring it on.

PS Mrs T has this strange idea that Mary Ann once posed nude for Non-Asian Babes. But having perused the top shelf at some considerable length, I can't find it. Any info anyone?

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