Saturday, October 28, 2006

Law And Disorder

Fame is no protection

We've blogged the crime wave in star-studded Primrose Hill before (see Down These Mean Streets), and there's fresh evidence today.

Actor Jude Law tells us that the Primrose Hill home of his ex-wife and kids was scarily broken into this week while they were actually asleep upstairs. As he says: "I was particularly worried because the kids were in the house, and I think that is a very different type of burglar to one that breaks into empty offices and takes computers at night".

He shouldn't have been surprised: as we pointed out before, Primrose Hill has the fifth highest ward crime figures in London, and policing is virtually non-existent.

The real shock is that a multi-millionaire Hollywood star like Law apparently isn't paying for private security like many of the other residents.

And why not? Well, meet the bleeding heart:

“I would like to think that I’m big enough to forgive. But I also know myself as a bit of a reactionary. Each situation is different. I’m a wishy-washy middle-class Londoner. I don’t quite know where I stand.”

Sounds just like the soppy editor of Wallpaper* we met last time.

Right, Jude, mate, I know you're an actor, but let me tell you where to stand. These bad guys don't give a stuff about you and yours, and are quite prepared to use extreme violence (see previous blog). In the short-term, hire some proper protection for you family. In the longer term, people listen to you, and you should use every platform you get to campaign for real policing and much harsher sentences.

Oh, and locally elected sheriffs.

Think Clint.

PS I have to say my first thought was that this might have been a cheap publicity stunt for his new film, Breaking and Entering. But the police were called and a theft reported, so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt.

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