Friday, October 27, 2006


I'll take 200 of them

Our rulers have always spent horrific amounts of our money on fancy furniture for themselves.

Two furniture stories this week from the People's Republic:

Item 1: that notorious £88 grand reception desk at the Scottish Parliament isn't actually fit for purpose:

"Consultants (!!!!) called in by the parliament to review visitor services in the building found there was "confusion" at the reception desk when people arrived for events. And although a temporary desk could be set up to process conference delegates, it had no computer facilities. Their report recommended a dedicated reception desk should be introduced. They also found that although staff were meant to be based permanently at the reception desk, there was not enough storage and too much noise, so extra desks had to be found in the "back office" area. The parliament has also had to improve lighting levels for staff working at the reception desk."

Item 2: the City of Edinburgh Council is to spend £100 grand on new desks and chairs for the Council Chamber:

"The chairs will cost £37,000, or £500 each, and the desks £63,000, around £1000 each, with a total cost of £100,000... Ikea offers a smart budget desk for only £35.90, although its basic design may be too much of a step down from the council's leather-bound choice of furnishings. Internet firm offers a stylish office desk with a beechwood finish for £110, although it doesn't have any drawers or compartments to put essentials, such as sandwiches."

Nuff said.

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