Thursday, October 19, 2006

Common As Muck

A matter of breeding

Mrs T has a thing about toffs. It's not just the thoroughbred fetlocks and impeccable house training, but it's also that duty thing. Apart from anything else, without the drive and dedication of Britain's toffs, she reckons most of our charities and voluntary organisations would simply collapse.

So she can't wait until Dave and Samantha slip into Number 10 and start redressing some of the grotesque excesses of the nouveaus currently in residence. No more tax-funded bling celeb parties, and no more money grubbing gobby wife syndrome.

I keep telling Mrs T that for a girl from a council pre-fab, she's being kinda picky. But then I read of Cherie's latest little earner:

"It emerged she could earn up to £60,000 for delivering two lectures in America this week. On Tuesday night, Mrs Blair delivered the keynote speech at a women's summit in Chicago where members of the audience paid up to £80 for a ticket... The billing described Mrs Blair as a "wonder woman" who managed to balance "her high-powered professional life, high-visibility public life and intensely consuming private life".

So that's on top of last year's £30,000 Washington lecture, and the notorious £100,000 Anzac tour.

Bring on the toffs.

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