Saturday, September 30, 2006

Trust The Voters? Are You Mad?

I'd rather trust the cut-outs

As we pack our buckets and spades, there's just time to highlight a great quote from poor Ollie Letwin.

He's heading up Dave's policy review, and as today's Telegraph points out, he's going to have the Devil's own job reconciling the recommendations of those various policy commissions. So to save time, he's already made his mind up on chunks of it.

Take those elected sheriffs, something we think is vital if we're ever to get the police serving us ordinary law-abiding punters again. Ollie wants none of it:

"If you have locally elected police chiefs, who's going to say what sort of mad things will happen?

People with wildly populist views who know nothing about running a large organisation will stand. As soon as you have excessive local discretion you have public outrage about the postcode lottery."


Mad things? What, you mean like not policing the streets of London so that residents have to hire private security firms to do the job instead. Say.

And when it comes to populists who know nothing about running a large organisation, I fancy we'd have to go a long, long way to beat you bungling image-led MPs and your senior "cult of the amateur" bureaucrats.

As for postcode lotteries, when will you twig that nobody actually knows "the answer"- it really is only by local experiment and letting a thousand Chief Constables bloom, that we have the faintest chance of turning things around. Top down managerialism is bust.

Should be a fascinating week.

PS As from today, I'll be blogging the Conference on Conservative Home. Normal BOM service will be resumed next Thursday.

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