Saturday, September 16, 2006

Third Best Priest

All that matters is taking part. Not.

You'll remember when Father Ted won a Golden Cleric Award, but Mrs Doyle still reckoned he was only the second best priest in Ireland. Poor old Ted was so upset he had to ring 'Priest Chatback' to calm down ("Welcome to Priest Chatback – if you’re under 18 or not a priest, please hang up now…").

Well, I don't feel anything like that at BOM being named Third Best Tory Blogsite by the ever-excellent Iain Dale. After all, we're only just behind Conservative Home and... er, Iain Dale.

So I'd like to thank my producer... my parents... Mrs T and the little Ts... and of course Iain himself. (How he manages to read his way round all the political blogs, I have no idea- it takes me about 30 mins just to read CH and his).

And I'm very pleased to see he's also put my good friend the Doc in at number 3 in his list of top non-aligned blogs, hard on the heels of the inestimable Guido and Mr Smithson (who once "moderated" me on Political Betting, leaving me with a permanent limp).

Trebles all round I think.

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