Thursday, September 14, 2006

Spraying Baku

Cleaning up after Kinnock

We've blogged the atrocious British Council many times. Run by my Lord Kinnockio, it costs taxpayers an outrageous £0.5bn pa and is completely and utterly useless.

But even by their rock-bottom standards, their latest project plumbs new depths. According to the Azerbaijan News Agency

"British Council starts in Azerbaijan new project - Touch The Sky. In relation with this, several events will be held in Baku. From 26 to 28 September, the renowned British skateboard company Blueprint will run trainings for local youths. Nil Chester, Colin Kennedy and Faul Shier together with local skaters from Roller Club will skate on Baku streets to explore the historical and modern urban areas of the city and also share their excellent world famous skating technique. Ramps for will be built be specially invited ramp builder Richard Holland. Representatives of graffiti Kid Acne and Boyd Hill will be running trainings for young local graffitists."

There's no word on quite how much of our hard-earned taxes MC Klothead K has deemed fit to burn on giving Nil, Col, and Faul a free skate round Baku, or spraying the city with graffiti.

htp: David Blackie

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