Thursday, September 28, 2006

Seaside Break

Bournemouth beach (from Visit Bournemouth brochure)

Mrs T, the Major, and I are off for a sunshine break in sub-tropical Bournemouth. By a strange coincidence the Tory Party are having their Conference there at the same time. So from Sunday we'll be blogging on Conservative Home, reporting the Conference deliberations on economics and tax.

Given the intense speculation about what Michael Forsyth's Tax Commission has come up with, it should be a fascinating few days. Shadow Chancellor - and one-time flat tax advocate - George Osborne will be firmly under the spotlight, as party members continue to ask "where's the tax beef?"

As well as his main platform event, he's got himself a punishing schedule of fringe meetings. Assuming we can stand the pace, we'll go to all of them, bringing you a balanced view of the arguments and the reaction from members.

Now where's my Factor 20 Ambre Solaire....

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