Monday, September 18, 2006

Men At Work

Blow me - there goes another one!

"COUNCIL workmen have repainted warning signs outside a school - which was demolished in 2003. The new markings tell drivers not to stop even though the plot is now just an overgrown field destined for housebuilding.

And taxpayers who live near the site of the former Thomas Chippendale Primary, Otley, West Yorks, agreed: "It's a mindblowing waste of our money." Local John Morgan said: "The school shut in 2002 and was torn down a year later. You'd think they'd have noticed - and no one ever parks there anyway."
(Mirror 18.9.06)

I have a feeling the British Army used to make its peacetime conscripts do stuff like that- painting roadside stones white etc. The difference is those guys were killing time between wars, whereas these guys are just killing time between cups of tea. Hah!

PS This is not the first bizarre council road painting incident we've recorded on BOM. In January we highlighted the case of the badger painted over on the A361 near Frome- pic above. At the time we put it down to some unfathomable local practice. But it's clearly much more widespread.

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