Friday, September 15, 2006

Commissars Caught With Pants Down

NHS Planning Goat at meeting (reconstruction)

So CPO* Commissar Hewitt has been caught with her pants down engaged in a despicable act with the Chipmunk and other creatures of the night:

"A SECRET meeting has been held by ministers and Labour Party officials to work out ways of closing hospitals without jeopardising key marginal seats. Concerns about the political impact of planned hospital closures and other cuts to the NHS prompted ministers to organise the closed-door discussion. Details of the meeting, revealed in e-mails passed to The Times, show that it included Hazel Blears, the Labour chairman, political advisers from No 10 and even — at the request of Ms Blears — a Labour Party representative. "

To complete their degradation they reportedly viewed pornographic "heat maps" depicting scenes of marginal Labour seats where closures or reconfigurations of health services could cost votes.

So the lives of those in Conservative and Lib Dem constituencies are cast into the hazard in a desperate attempt to save the skins of a few marginal Labour MPs.

These people are the absolute pits. Politicos have always bribed us with our own money, but this lot have turned it into black art. Because this isn't just the traditional pork barrelling of spending in safe Labour areas like the North East and Scotland. This is systematically denuding some areas of healthcare in order to shore up electoral support in the governing party's dodgy marginals.

It's bad enough that political campaigning is now concentrated on those hundred or so key marginals. It now seems that public expenditure has gone the same way. Public services guided by the lights of perverted psephology.

Let's hope the electorate take due note. Politicos never could be trusted, but operating with modern tools in our dysfunctional unrepresentative democracy, they endanger both our prosperity and our lives.

PS If you want to increase your blood pressure still further, ask why the NHS- despite its doubled budget and protected competitive position- is having to close its big hospitals to fund new local ones. In the ferociously competitive groceries market, Tesco and Sainsburys have opened hundreds of local convenience stores over recent years, but I don't recall them closing too many of the big ones to pay for it. The politics of "and" it ain't.

* footnote: for those who've forgotten, CPO stands for Criminally Patronising Oleaginous; it is a rare accolade bestowed only on acknowledged world leaders in the field, such as Ms Hewitt.


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