Friday, September 15, 2006

Brylcreem Politico Eyes Xmas

New Labour activists wondering what comes next

They won't vote for it- we know that. But at least some of them are now starting to gobble about it.

Brylcreem Bounce Milburn tells us:

"There remains at the heart of New Labour an unresolved ambivalence about the role of the state. As a parent, I don't want power in the hands of councils or schools. As a patient I don't want it in the hands of managers or hospitals. I want it in my hands."

Yes, we know he has his own axes to grind, but he's spot on here. How long before he takes the next step- the simplest and cheapest way of putting power in the hands of the people is to give them the money to spend on the schools and hospitals of their own choice. Even better, leave them with their own cash in the first place.

Of course, that wouldn't be great news for the career prospects of gobbling politicos.

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