Sunday, August 27, 2006

Recent Bonfires- 29

In the news:

Commissars' life coaching at £250 ph- "PATRICIA HEWITT and other cabinet ministers are receiving “life coaching” at taxpayers’ expense to help them cope with the pressures of government... Psychologists are being paid an estimated £250 per hour to act as mentors to the health secretary and her senior civil servants... ministers and their staff are assigned personal coaches, whom they are expected to treat as “critical friends”, using role-playing sessions to prepare for running the country. A string of other government departments, including No 10, the Home Office, the Foreign Office, the Cabinet Office, the Department for Transport and the Treasury, are also using chartered psychologists, at an annual cost estimated at several million pounds." (Sunday Times 27.8.06)

£11.6bn for surplus fighters- "Defence spending has long been a running sore with many senior officers, who believe that the procurement of main weapons systems are too often made for political reasons rather than their practical use on the battlefield. One senior officer told this newspaper that the Government had wasted billions of pounds of taxpayers money when it decided to buy 232 Eurofighter combat jets at a cost of £50 million each. The officer said: "We have a situation in Afghanistan where the Army does not have enough helicopters, yet it is going to have dozens of squadrons of Eurofighters which will never be used in war. "The problem isn't just a lack of funding, it is also about how the money is spent." (Telegraph 13.8.06)

£4m on toilet sex show- "THE National Theatre of Scotland’s sexually explicit show at the Edinburgh International Festival provoked an immediate controversy. Realism disgusted some theatregoers with its depiction of a woman engaged in a sex act on the lavatory and a chorus of black-and-white minstrels singing a four-letter tirade about a gas company. The theatre company receives £4 million of taxpayers’ money each year." (Times 17.8.06)

Total for week: £11,604,000,250


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