Sunday, August 20, 2006

Recent Bonfires- 28

The Major would have paid good money for this

In the arts news this week:

£30,000 for dead pig hug art- "Kira O'Reilly will today spend four hours naked, hugging a dead pig - at the taxpayer's expense. The controversial Irish performance artist will invite one person at a time to watch her sit in a specially-constructed set and perform a 'crushing slow dance' with the carcass in her arms. She claims the bizarre exhibition is an attempt to 'identify' with the pig, which she cuts with a knife during the show. Visitors to the Newlyn Art Gallery in Newlyn, Cornwall - funded by taxpayers and the lottery - will be allowed to watch her for ten minutes." (Mail 18.08.06)

£20m pa blown on BBC cabs- "THE BBC is spending £55,000 a DAY on taxis and car hire. The annual bill is now £20MILLION — as free-spending staff take licence-payers for a ride. The mind-boggling sum, which includes the cost of ferrying employees to and from their jobs, works out at nearly £1,000 for EVERY Beeb worker.... Director of television Jana Bennett got through £13,000 — similar to the amount claimed by the BBC’s internet chief Ashley Highfield." (Sun 17.08.06)

Another £7m for BBC "stars"- "Television presenter Graham Norton has accepted a massive £7million pay deal - paid for by you. The BBC used licence fee cash to double his pay in a desperate bid to stop ITV poaching him. The three-year golden handcuffs deal will keep him with the Corporation until the end of 2009. ITV tried to poach the star but was outbid by the BBC." (Mail 18.08.06)

£150,000 plus on Home Office "art"- "A sculpture announced for the department's Westminster headquarters... will dominate the building's central atrium... seven big interlocking steel triangles hanging overhead... the panel of art experts also approved two relief murals by Toby Paterson and 77 works by prisoners, already installed at the Home Office, at a total cost to taxpayers of £150,000." (Sunday Telegraph 20.08.06)

Total arts waste for the week: £27,180,000

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