Sunday, August 13, 2006

Recent Bonfires- 27

In the news this week:

£44.9bn "largely wasted" on underperforming NHS- "THE extra cash poured into the National Health Service has been “largely wasted”, according to a study by the think tank Civitas... Spending on the NHS has almost doubled from £44.9 billion six years ago, but... while the government has mainly succeeded in meeting its NHS targets, the underlying picture is one of “little or no evidence of improvement in NHS performance, which ranks among the worst in the developed world”. The emphasis on targets has resulted in what the report calls “gaming” — other services being neglected in order to achieve targets. In some NHS trusts patients have been kept waiting in ambulances until managers were confident they could meet the four-hour waiting-time target inside the hospital. The report also highlights the continued poor performance of the NHS compared with other countries. Britain is virtually the only advanced country not to have recorded an improvement in mortality rates from strokes in recent years, and fatalities are twice the level recorded in Australia, Canada, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland and America." (Sunday Times 13.08.2006)

£500,000 police enquiry into £90 expense claim- "A police force spent £500,000 of taxpayers' money to discover that one of its officers had mistakenly overclaimed £90 on his expenses. PC Jason Lobo was suspended for three years on full pay and taken to court over accusations that he had fiddled his petrol expenses. A criminal investigation was launched, but he was cleared of 12 counts of false accounting and one of attempting to pervert the course of justice when the prosecution offered no evidence two years later. Now he has been told he can return to work after it was found that his overclaim was the result of a genuine mistake. The marathon investigation has been branded 'staggeringly stupid' and a complete waste of taxpayers' money." (Daily Mail 12.08.06)

Another £17m for BBC bonuses- "THE BBC has admitted paying out a total of £17 million in bonuses. The handout, which is equivalent to 130,000 annual licence fees, was revealed after a freedom of information request. It does not include bonuses paid to the Corporation’s top ten executives, whose bonuses, totalling £232,000, were revealed last month in the BBC’s annual report. The BBC is already under fire for huge salaries paid to top BBC presenters, including Jonathan Ross and Terry Wogan." (Times 11.08.06)

Total for week: £44,917,500,000


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