Sunday, July 02, 2006

Recent Bonfires- 22

In the news this week:

Cops spend £70,000 on Shakespeare awareness- "Scotland Yard has spent almost £70,000 sending staff on Shakespeare "awareness" courses. More than 1,500 officers, including several chief inspectors, attended 32 "inspirational leadership" courses... Shakespeare lampooned the forces of law and order with Constable Dogberry in Much Ado About Nothing... Courses are run by Mythodrama, a company set up by the Hon Richard Olivier, son of the late Lord Olivier, and promise to "develop authentic leaders". The Cabinet Office had spent £140,000 sending civil servants on similar courses. The Department of Health has also spent more than £63,000 on five bespoke leadership courses tailored by Mythodrama." (Sunday Telegraph 2.7.06)

HIPs to dislocate £5.6bn of tax revenue- "The research group Oxford Forecasting published a study predicting grim economic consequences if the bureaucracy and expense of compiling an Home Information Pack leads to a reduction in the number of homeowners opting to sell and move on. Unemployment would grow as homeowners found it more difficult to move around the country to take up new jobs. Moreover, taxes would have to rise to offset a fall in revenue from Stamp Duty and the economy would be hindered by a fall in spending on redecorating, DIY and on the purchase of "big-ticket items", such as sofas and televisions. By 2009 GDP could be 0.5 per cent lower, unemployment 93,000 higher and Government revenues £5.6 billion lower." (Sunday Telegraph 2.7.06)

£30,000 for Army pets- "A total of 11 ceremonial pets -- including a ferret, an Indian black buck and a ram -- are kept by the British Army...keeping the pets costs £30,000 per year....A 6-year-old male goat called Billy, was downgraded from the rank of lance corporal to fusilier -- the same status as a private -- after army chiefs ruled his poor display had ruined a ceremony June 16. "The goat, which has been the regiment's mascot since 2001, was supposed to be leading the march, but would not stay in line. He was reported for subordination and after consideration, the commanding officer decided he had no option but to demote Billy." Since his demotion, soldiers of a lower rank are no longer expected to salute Billy as a sign of respect. Captain William Rose, a soldier present at the parade, said the goat "was trying to headbutt the waist and nether regions of the drummers." (CNN 24.0.06)

Total for the week: £5,600,070,000 (after due consideration, we decided to let off the goats and ferrets with a warning)

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