Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Important Message For T&G Members

Great days

Ditch Dromey!

You need to replace your Deputy General Secretary as soon as possible. He is working to reduce your wages and jeopardise your jobs!

This morning he was on the Today programme railing against Blair's proposition that illegal immigrants should be deported. Jack wants an amnesty for half a million illegals (yeah, and the rest J), arguing that these are "good people" who are essential to the economy. And extraordinarily, he entirely overlooked the fact that mass immigration undermines the pay and conditions of unskilled workers- ie his own members.

Confronted with the reasoned informed arguments of Migration Watch's Sir Andrew Green, his only response was to call for a "proper debate, not the politics of fear!" Even Humphrys couldn't help remarking that actually this was a "proper debate": this was what the phrase means. Frothing wildly, Jack then accused Green of wanting to "hunt down" the illegals and throw them off Beachy Head.

The facts- as we blogged the other day- are that mass immigration depresses the wages of unskilled workers. And whereas you'd expect the "the nanny-and housecleaner-using classes" to welcome it, you'd have to think trade unionists would be strongly opposed.

Fair enough that Grunwick Jack doesn't understand economics: he's only Treasurer of the Labour Party after all. But surely he should understand which side his members' bread is buttered on.

Unless of course the majority of T&G members are actually illegal immigrants themselves.

PS Obviously Green's proposal doesn't actually involve Beachy Head, or even hunting down illegals. He wants to use economics. If we just increased the penalties for employing illegals substantially, and then enforced the rules, the economic incentive for illegal immigration would largely disappear. According to him, at present the average number of prosecutions for employing illegals is just two a year. Sounds like an humane commonsense solution, but I guess it was beyond Dromey.

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