Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hips Fiasco

Spiking Prezza

The U-turn on Home Information Packs is a classic of the genre.

This was half-baked scheme to solve a "problem" that few complained about, and driven by a senior politician (well... Prezza) whose knowledge of the practical issues was virtually non-existent. The grand a throw costs would have further exacerbated what already promises to be a sticky time in housing once the downturn finally arrives.

Thankfully, the formidable headlining stilettoed Kirstie came to the rescue. So all we need now is to find out what the whole nonsense cost.

The main losers have been those who wanted to work in the new Hips industry. Six to seven thousand inspectors have required training, costing each of them up to £8,000. And 45 specialist companies have reportedly set up, with estimates of their combined losses ranging from £100m to £250m.

And then there are the costs inside government. Unfortunately, we don't know what they are. But you'd have to guess a good number of noughts.

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