Friday, July 28, 2006

Great Ape Film Initiative

Laugh? I nearly died

There were you thinking that the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs was all about supporting Britain's farmers and keeping our land green and pleasant. How wrong can you be?

It turns out one of Defra's more bizarre and least measurable objectives is "to significantly reduce the rate of loss of biodiversity by 2010 globally."

And today, while swinging through Kuching, Malaysia, Defra's Biodiversity Minister- one Barry Gardiner- "pledged over £100,000 in UK support for projects to protect great apes". This includes £20,000 for the Great Ape Film Initiative, whose "unique approach" doesn't even make films per se, but "negotiates for major broadcasters to screen great ape films around the world."

Why on earth does Defra think this is an appropriate use of British taxpayers' money? Quite apart from the fact that we are forever being fleeced to sub our underperforming film industry, what have great apes got to do with our food or countryside? How many other obscure biodiversity projects are these clowns blowing our cash on around the world?

Little wonder Defra is such a strong contender for Britain's Very Worst Government Department (see this blog).

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