Thursday, June 01, 2006

Who Speaks For Taxpayers?

George has been depressing our socks off again with his latest speech on tax policy. Yes of course we welcome his promise to simplify Brown's nightmarish encyclopedia of new tax measures. But what we also want is a pledge to cut the overall tax burden.

That formula of "sharing the proceeds of growth" may be the voice of centrist pragmatism, but it does nothing to address the vast increase in our tax burden since 1997. By the time of the next election, taxes will have increased by 4-5% of GDP since the Tories were last in power: equivalent to £50-60bn pa in today's money, or around 15 pence on the standard rate of income tax.

Of course, given three successive electoral drubbings, we know exactly why Dave's Tories are being such wusses. But whatever happened to the Flat Tax, George?

Not a day passes without yet further appalling examples of government incompetence and waste. In terms of delivering modern public services, Labour's spending splurge has shown just how incapable Big Government is.

And you know what? We taxpayers are plain fed up with it.

Come on G. Instead of just helping itself to more and more of our money to spend so badly, you know government should focus on downsizing itself. You know as well as us that we'd get much better education and healthcare if we spent the money directly ourselves, rather than paying yet more tax and leaving the choices to you politicos and your hopeless demoralised bureaucrats.

Taxpayers are still waiting for that alternative.

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