Friday, June 09, 2006

Stinky Stink

So the new Chief Inspector of Schools just happens to be married to hopeless Home Office Minister Tony McNulty.

Obviously in appointing Miss Christine Gilbert, all the usual niceties were observed blah, blah, blah.

But stink, or what?

One of the (many) damaging things this government has done is to politicise our Civil Service. When Tyler joined the Service 30 years ago, along with other new entrants, he attended a briefing session with the department's Permanent Secretary. We were left in no doubt about the heavy public duties resting on our young shoulders. And I vividly recall his summary:

"The main role of the Civil Service is to stop politicians doing daft things"

Yes, I know. How appallingly Sir Humphrey.

But how many of our top public servants stand up to ministers these days?

Get ready for school standards to sink even further.

PS To get a good idea of what already passes for educational assessment between Ofsted and the sharp-end, see the latest annual performance assessment of Miss Gilbert's own education authority, Tower Hamlets. It gets a glowing 9 page report, covering all the education essentials like health, safety, and well-being. Education gets a brief mention on page 3.

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