Thursday, June 22, 2006

Glug Glug

It makes you want to vomit. Just like all that terrible French wine supermarkets used to sell before the Australians arrived to show us peasants that wine didn't actually need to taste like paint stripper.

Of course, what always made the Hirondelle taste even worse was the knowledge that it was heavily subsidised by EU taxpayers. And now, those same EU taxpayers- ie you and me- are to stump up €500m in each of the next five years to convert Europe's subsidised wine lake into disinfectant. At least it won't be too difficult.

The EU also intends to "help" the producers break into new markets. How the eff will that work? EU bureaucrats have certainly proved they can destroy those "law of the jungle" markets, but create new ones? And how will they reduce the acreage (sorry, hectareage) of vines planted illegally to claim their own subsidies?

Stop the subsidies now, and use the wine lake for its original purpose. Stripping paint.

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