Friday, June 09, 2006

The Belly Of The Beast

Today's waist news:

Tax-funded belly dancing- "Nottingham has spent £600 sending more than 100 of its frontline staff to lessons in belly dancing. Council chiefs claimed that the lessons were part of a drive to improve customer service, and were included in a two-week session of classes and workshops aimed at exploding the “myths and misconceptions” of belly dancing. The classes took place during working hours, and staff were advised to wear loose and comfortable clothing. The dance classes were one element of “customer and diversity” sessions arranged by the council to increase staff awareness of equality legislation and to “challenge and stimulate staff to reflect on attitudes, behaviours and prejudices”. (Times 9.06.06)

Yes, it's the return of the Loony Left, but we can't be surprised: you've only got to glance at any annual report from any public body to find pages of guff explaining how it's meeting its diversity targets. Belly dancing must tick all manner of boxes. (On further reflection, I'd like to volunteer as a taxpaying observer at all future sessions involving young female staff. But not fat dustbin men)

£69m to go walkies (maybe)- "THE right to roam over almost two million acres of English countryside has cost the taxpayer £41 million more than the Government intended. And, according to the National Audit Office, it is not certain that walkers are exercising their right to explore the mountains, moors, heaths and downs that were out of bounds until two years ago. £69 million has so far been spent on the right-to-roam policy. The initial estimate was £28 million. The audit office says that these costs could have been curbed if the agency had conducted a pilot scheme to test procedures." (Times 9.06.06)

Plunging straight into some half-baked nonsense without a pilot- we've heard that a few times before. Why the eff don't these hopeless quangocrats (in this case the Countryside Agency) ever learn from experience?

And why the effin eff do we always have to pay for it? Couldn't it be deducted from those guaranteed index-linked quango pension funds?

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