Thursday, June 15, 2006

£45bn On Underperformance

Further confirmation today of how badly our state education system fails Britain's children. We spend £45bn pa on our state schools yet according to research from the Sutton Trust:
  • Of the leading 100 media opinion-formers, 54 per cent came from private schools, compared with 49 per cent 20 years ago. Only 14 per cent were from comprehensive schools, which cater for 90 per cent of all pupils
  • 70 per cent of barristers from leading chambers were educated at private schools
  • 42 per cent of those holding government office or shadowing ministers are former pupils of private schools

Social mobility has collapsed since arrogant Highgate and Oxford Labour autocrat Antony Aloysius Crosland fecked our state grammar schools. It's difficult to think of a more grotesquely destructive example of socialist wishful thinking: it not only destroyed the life chances of millions of poorer kids, but in a world where education is all, it's increasingly holding back Britain's prosperity.

Both Mrs T and I attended those state grammars, and we're as mad as hell. Luckily we had enough dosh to buy our kids out, but how disgraceful is that?

Vouchers, pupil passports...whatever we call them, the sooner we give all parents some education spending power, the better. That ladder is desperately needed.

PS Having bogged up my General Science O Level in 1966, I'm seriously thinking of doing the new multiple choice GCSE. How hard can it be?

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