Sunday, May 28, 2006

Recent Bonfires- 18

In the news this week:

£70m for spreading muck- "It has become a criminal offence for farmers to carry out any task around the farm that involves what the EC chooses to call "waste", unless they get specific written permission for an "exemption" from the Environment Agency. Such controlled tasks include anything from spreading manure on fields, or allowing vegetable stalks to rot down in the soil, to burning the straw from a cattle shed. What becomes completely illegal is anything which can be described in EU-speak as a "dump" or "tip". This includes anything from a manure heap to an old plough rusting in the corner of a farmyard (even a "single deposit of waste" is now deemed a "tip"). Within a year the farmer must pay up to £228 a tonne to have it removed by a licensed waste carrier to a licensed waste tip (or pay astronomic sums for a full landfill site licence). Defra admits that compliance with this new law will cost farmers up to £70 million a year, quite apart from the cost of the army of new officials needed to process those millions of exemptions." (Sunday Telegraph 28.5.06)

£21m for rail crash companies- "The two companies fined over the Hatfield rail crash have been handed £21 million of taxpayers' money to pay for their defence costs - £7 million more than their record penalties last year. The money has been given to Balfour Beatty, the engineering company, and Network Rail [formerly Railtrack] to pay for defending themselves against manslaughter and health and safety charges - accusations on which they were cleared. Mr Justice Mackay, sitting at the Old Bailey, described Balfour Beatty's failings as "the worst examples of sustained industrial negligence in a high-risk industry" that he had seen. John Pickering, the solicitor representing the four victims of Hatfield and some of the survivors, said: "There seems to be a disconnection between the level of the penalties and the level of the costs they are recovering. It's hard to understand the logicality or the morality of this award." (Sunday Telegraph 28.5.06)

£5bn academies fail to deliver- "Schools in the government's £5bn academy programme have failed to improve results compared with the comprehensives they replaced...a study...found the number of pupils getting five GCSE A*-C grades including English and maths has increased by 0.2% - equivalent to three pupils - across the first 11 academies. the report said that some academies were diverting children away from GCSEs to boost their standing in school league tables. The study found that many children had been switched from taking separate subjects at GCSE to the vocational GNVQ qualification, which counts as four GCSEs in government tables." (Guardian 22.5.06)

£5m to destroy farm- "John Prescott spent millions of pounds of taxpayers' money on buying an area of outstanding natural beauty, with proud boasts that it would be "transformed" into a "community green space". In an environmental blunder that may result in criminal charges, a picturesque 360-acre home counties farm, once teeming with skylarks and other songbirds, now lies ruined. What remains is a barren wasteland of ploughed-up fields and withered crops, where the sound of birds is a distant memory because their nests have been destroyed. The guide price for the land was between £1.1 million and £1.3 million, but villagers say the ODPM must have paid well over the odds to secure it against rival bids from other interested parties who would have kept it as working farmland. Local agents estimate that at least £5 million was spent on buying, converting and maintaining the land." (Sunday Telegraph 28.5.06)

Total for week - £5,096,000,000


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