Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Our Lives In Their Hands

Two stories today highlight the scandalously low value this meltdown government places on the lives of British citizens.

First, the revelation that fire suppressant foam is not installed in RAF Hercules aircraft sent into warzones, even though it is routine for the identical US and Australian planes- US planes have been so equipped for forty years. RAF Hercules pilots have been calling for it since at least 2002, and most experts say it might well have saved the lives of 10 servicemen killed in Iraq in 2005. And what's the MOD got to say?

"Although such a system would have increased the probability of the aircraft's survival, neither the board of inquiry nor the independent senior air accident investigator concluded that it would definitely have changed the tragic outcome."

Wouldn't definitely have saved their lives, huh? The whole shebang would only have cost £250,000 plus £50,000 per aircraft. Measure that against the £2.5bn the government spent on management consultants last year alone. Where's the definite outcome there? And all for a dubious war visited on our armed forces by Blair's disgusting craving for a macho global posture.

Then there's the revelation that one of the released foreign felons not deported by Charles Clarke is a Somali robber who is now suspected of murdering PC Sharon Beshenivsky after his release from jail:

"Mustaf Jama had served half of a three-year prison sentence for robbery after he was convicted at Sheffield Crown Court. Home Office sources said tonight that his case was considered in spring last year, but a decision was taken not to deport him. Somalia is regarded as a dangerous country to which deportations cannot be carried out safely."

Guh..choke...splutter...I'm sorry...what none of us out here in the Surrey backwoods can understand is wtf do we have to give refuge to convicted Somali robbers? OK, let's keep calm...the fact is we don't want people like that here because, you see, we think they are a danger to British citizens. And for some reason we always thought the first duty of our rulers was to protect us. Not some bunch of Somali thugs.

And actually, we don't give a stuff what happens to them back in Somalia. They've brought it on themselves by coming into our country illegally and inflicting their appalling behaviour on us.

We need a government that values our lives: the lives of its citizens.

PS You may say that- for a moneyman- I'm getting way too emotional about this. But even if we boil it down to the grim calculus of cost benefit analysis, these two government decisions make no sense. If we take a standard view, the life of an average Brit is deemed to be worth £3-4m. So the death of one serviceman- let alone ten- would be way more than the cost of equipping all our Hercules, and probably paying for all that missing body armour as well. And the cost of expelling a murdering Somali thug is a one-way Easyjet fare to Mogadishu.


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