Saturday, April 08, 2006

Public Sector Jobs Splurge

According to official stats, since Labour abandoned Prudence in about 2000, over half the new jobs created in Britain have been in the public sector. We taxpayers now directly payroll 5,882,000 people, most of them with those guaranteed final salary pensions.

The latest numbers also demonstrate yet again how ludicrous the claimed Gershon civil service cuts are. In the Budget, Gordo claimed to have already cut 33,237 posts: the ONS stats say the true number was less than half that (see previous blogs starting here).

These days ONS press releases on public sector employment are vetted to reduce their embarrassment quotient. But there's nowhere to hide with these numbers, and their hopeful headline "Growth Slows" is more than a tad desperate.

PS Yes, I know 65% of public sector workers are women, and nobody wears bowlers anymore anyway. But if you can't use a pic like that here, where can you use it?

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