Sunday, April 30, 2006

PC Labour- At Work And Play

He'll never notice after a few bevvies

The Home Office Annual Report- like those of all departments under sleazy incompetent Labour- devotes considerable attention to political correctness:

"We are dedicated to promoting equality, fairness and respect. We will create a working environment where diversity is recognised, valued and celebrated. In delivering our business to our diverse society, we will take care to assess the impact of our policies on race, religion and belief, gender, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation and age equality.To ensure sustained leadership, we have launched a five-year Group-wide race and diversity programme."

For an organisation that should be focused squarely on keeping our streets safe, that sounds like a recipe for confusion and general arse covering. And guess what. Whatever macho Home Secretaries may say, it is.

Steve Moxon, who worked for the Immigration Directorate until he was dismissed two years ago for leaking details of how immigration applications were being passed without proper checks, has been talking about it: in particular, the role of Directorate's thought police- the 540 strong HR department:

“The worst sin appeared to be initiative. What everyone did and was expected to do was watch their back. Human resources in the Home Office is of gargantuan size. An HR ethos of political correctness rules above all, intimidating the very people whose working life it is supposed to enhance.

Two weeks of inept training was all I received. The only type of training that interested management was in political correctness. Our schedules were awash with race awareness days, diversity weeks and asylum seminars. We had training days on transsexuals — how often is the average immigration case officer going to meet a transsexual?”

Meanwhile, training in how actually to get the job done was rudimentary and incomplete. No wonder nobody's got a grip.

All that of course strikes the vilest contrast to the predatory sexual antics of the ludicrous Fuckwit. These days, molesting junior employees is quite rightly a sacking offence in most large British companies. But not apparently in government. As we know, what made companies take it seriously was not PC-dom but the risk of getting sued for zillions. In government they don't seem to worry about that....but then it's not their money.

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