Friday, April 14, 2006

Olympics Watch: Jobs For The Boys (And Girls)

The 2012 public sector jobs bonanza is well underway. This week's Economist invites applications for three more:
  • Director of Olympic Opportunity- £86k
  • Senior Olympic Policy and Programme Manager- £45k
  • Senior Olympic Opportunity Manager- £45k

You can check them out at the LGA's Legacy Now; the site which also ominously implies the London Olympics will last for at least another six years after 2012...or at least, the jobs will.

Finance guru Tossa Jowell has also appointed no less than 12 new directors to the board of the Olympic Delivery Authority. Seven of them are existing placemen- and women- from other quangos, and another is a trade union leader. Nuff said.

The ODA of course has stacks more jobs on offer, including: Head of Internal Risk Assurance- responsible for much "facilitation", "stakeholder interfacing", and general arse covering; Park Interface Manager- responsible for a fair amount of "over-arching" multi-modality; and unquantified- possibly unquantifiable- numbers of HR Managers (check out all the jobs here).

The ODA still says its funding package is £2.375bn. As we all know, that's a wildly misleading figure, already some way behind events.

We stick to our all-in cost estimate of up to £20bn.

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