Friday, April 07, 2006

More On British Council

We've blogged the outrageous British Council before: it costs us £0.5bn pa, has no obvious purpose, and is headed by Lord Kinnock.

It is so appalling it's got its own dedicated blog: David Blackie's excellent The Language Business monitors proceedings and highlights particularly egregious acts.

His latest post reports that the Foreign Affairs Committee is now so concerned it's calling for two reviews- one by the FCO and one by the National Audit Office. David urges them to get on with it, because as he points out:

"Meanwhile the organisation enjoys public funding, charitable status at home, diplomatic status abroad, early retirement, index-linked civil service pensions, enthusiastically embraced contracts with government departments, and the very agreeable freedom to enter into any commercial arrangement it pleases without any public accountability, ombudsman, non-executive director or external moderation or control."

Read David's blog: the BC needs closing down soonest.

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