Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Mid-Day Meltdown Update

I've just listened to the World At One, and I'm beginning to wonder if the government can even make it to the end of next week, let alone the next election.

Item- HM Revenue and Customs have overpaid tax credits by another £2.2bn- for the second year in a row. Since tax credits overall "only" account for £15.8bn pa, that means they're bogging up 15% of them, despite spending zillions on new IT systems (described by the PAC as "fragile").

Item- Charles Clarke has released another 1,000 murderers, rapists, and arsonists onto our streets due to some fresh cock-up (see this morning's blog). This time they're foreigners who should have been deported but were instead inadvertantly released into bushes outside a nurses' home. He has no idea where they are now. Sorry about that.

Resignations? Talk sense, will ya? Clarke at least says the whole thing is "deeply regrettable", which is a damned sight more than the Commissar has admitted about the NHS meltdown.

Thank God Mrs T and I have kept up our BUPA subs, and we don't (as yet) get tax credits. But this law and order thing...I'm not sure my air rifle is going to be enough.

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