Saturday, April 22, 2006

Limbering Up For Olympics

Sport England fitness facilitators in Man U home strip

It should surprise nobody that Sport England think it's quite OK to give £30 grand of taxpayers' money to Man U for a staff gym. SE are the self-same clowns who secretly hatched that crackpot scheme to spend £770m on developing a cadre of British Olympic super-athletes (see previous post). Which nonsense they then tried to cover-up when grilled by the Public Accounts Committee.

But we ain't seen nothing yet. These sporting desk jockeys are merely limbering up for the climactic wastathon in 2012.

The state has no business subsidising leisure activites, be it sport or opera. Sport England and its parent department DCMS should be wound up. The £3bn pa saved would pay for all of the extra prison places we so desperately need.

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