Saturday, April 29, 2006

Headteacher Crisis Worsens

We've blogged before about the crisis facing state schools which can't attract suitable applicants for vacant headships. The National Association of Headteachers now reports it's getting worse:

"About half a million children are in schools without permanent head teachers because of a mounting recruitment crisis. Lack of applications for what was once the most sought after position has led 1,200 schools in England alone to rely on deputies or temporary agency staff to run them...Staff are reluctant to take on the responsibility of headship and most vacancies have to be advertised two or three times."

Yes we know the heads have an axe, but as we said before, with all the interference and demands now heaped on them by the DfES- let alone the penalties for missing tractor production targets- state school headships have turned into jobs from hell.

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