Sunday, April 30, 2006

Gieve On The Runway?

My good friend G Fawkes Esq jogs my elbow to point out that Sir John Gieve's new job at the Bank of England is under threat. As we blogged here and here, Sir John is the one who as Perm Sec to the Home Office presided over a number of appalling cock-ups, including the complete shambles in their finances.

As was pointed out at Wednesday's PAC meeting, the HO's accounts were so wrong that "the gross value of the debits and credits recorded totalled £26,527bn - 1.3 times the GDP of the entire planet and 2,000 times the Home Office budget".

Despite which he was appointed Deputy Governor of the Bank in charge of financial stability.

Now there are calls for his resignation:

"The fact that Mr Blair allowed Sir John to take up his post at the Bank knowing that he had left these problems at the Home Office has brought anger from MPs. Richard Bacon, Conservative MP and member of the PAC, said: "It is an eloquent comment on the nature of public appointments by this Government that Sir John can leave a catastrophic mess at the Home Office and walk into a job as deputy governor of the Bank of England. This is the sort of thing you'd expect in a Gilbert and Sullivan opera."

Vince Cable, Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman, said the Bank had "acquired a seriously tainted official. Charles Clarke's position is untenable and this applies a priori to the man who was running his department."

Maybe the concept of personal accountability can make a surprise appearance...although we're not holding our breaths.

htp Guido Fawkes


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