Thursday, April 06, 2006

Accenture To Whitehall

As we blogged earlier, Accenture- the world's second largest consulting firm- has taken a $450m charge against expected losses on its NHS IT contract. Not great news for Accenture shareholders, and rather tricky for management.

The man holding Accenture's feet to the fire is Richard Granger, head of Connecting for Health, the NHS offshoot responsible for the National Programme for IT (NPfIT), the Big One. He's the one who likes to talk about chopping up lame IT contractors to feed to the pack.

A bit surprising then, when we discover that Granger is actually ex-Accenture, when it was known as Anderson Consulting (yes-OK-that-Anderson-but-it-was-the-consulting-side-not-the accountants-who-helped-cook-Enron's-books-they-were-completely-different-OK?).

Even more surprising when we discover that Ian Watmore, the head of Tony Blair's Delivery Unit, and the UK government's first ever Chief Information Officer, is also ex-Accenture.

And the newly appointed head of Civil Service HR, expected to be much involved in future IT appointments, Gill Rider- she's also ex-Accenture.

And not forgetting the Commissar herself, Ms Hewitt, of course...she's also ex-Accenture. She was there until 1997.

Accenture's NHS contract is reportedly worth £2bn. Yet they're losing money on it.

What can it all mean?

Can anyone explain?

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