Thursday, March 09, 2006

Taxpayers Of The World Unite!

All around the world, taxpayers are fed up with high taxes and government waste:

"Irate taxpayers: Don't overspend

THE nation's top advisors have urged government at all levels to stop overspending, extravagance and waste that gobble up taxpayers' hard-earned money. "We will promote performance evaluations, oppose waste, extravagance and frivolous squandering of funds, and promote the building of an economical society," says the 2006 Budget Report."

The Aussie version of Gershon? No. This is a report in the Shanghai Daily, showing that if taxpayers get mad enough they can get a hearing- even in the PRC. Mind you, they've certainly got something to complain about:

"Governments at all levels spent at least 1 trillion yuan (US$125 billion) in banqueting and building grand offices in 2005, about 30 percent of the national revenue... the figure would be more astonishing, if improperly spent sums were added. Another advisor expressed concern about rising administrative expenditure which has increased 87 times since 1978. The volume, growing at an annual rate of 23 percent in recent years, accounted for about 19 percent of the national fiscal expenditure in 2003."

So what are they going to do?

"Huang proposed a supervision law on government spending, and political, administrative or even criminal penalties of officials wasting public funds. He called for a special National Peoples Congress auditing commission to monitor the expenditure of public funds.

He also called for a national taxpayers' day, when authorities who collect and spend taxes are obliged to respond to the people who pay taxes. The public will be encouraged to report any extravagance and waste to the new auditing commission."

A National Taxpayers' Day- that's something we should definitely have. And reporting all those extravagent officials to a PRC style WasteFinder General could really catch on.

This is just the sort of innovative no BS solution we taxpayers need.

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