Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Skates Debacle: What Did It Cost?

So the Old Bill is no longer skating. The Pythonesque Superintendent Pollock says:

"If the criminal went on to grass, the officer giving chase had to stop, take off his skates then follow him without proper footwear while carrying his skates. The moment people realised they were being chased they would switch to a soft surface. Not an awful lot of officers were interested because it hurts when you fall over."

Point taken.

But what we taxpayers want to know is what did this barmy project cost? Start with the skates. Hot pursuit crimebusters would need something top grade- certainly nothing less than the Deshi Randy Spizer Aggressive Skate, which retails at £229.99. Then there's the training- got to be a couple of weeks each. And then there's time off for injuries sustained- given the huge number of sickies already thrown by the boys and girls in blue, that would be a big ticket item. And we mustn't forget the cost of all those grassy escapes, with the bad guys free to carry on robbing.

It would be surprising if we got away for much under a mill or two.

Maybe the Met should now consider the new Iranian policing methods.

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