Sunday, March 05, 2006

Recent Bonfires- 6

In the news this week:

£100m quango overspend (or maybe that's £20m, or quite possibly £70m)- "Scottish Enterprise is having to fend off questions about an overspend. Is it £20m, £70m, £100m? The overspend has come about because...local enterprise companies spend the agency’s cash...they are encouraged to go for ambitious programmes. The more ambitious, the more they are rewarded. But somebody seems to have forgotten to do a bit of adding up. SE says that it had identified a potential worry back in September 2005, but why then did it take until late February to realise the full extent?" (Sunday Times 5.3.06)

NHS deficits now £790m- "The big overspend in the NHS is starting to affect patient care. Although the number of patients waiting has only risen slightly, the wait has increased... hospitals [are] putting off treatment until the new financial year, while still keeping to the government's guarantee of a maximum six-month wait. At the same time, some primary care trusts are telling hospitals that they must treat no more patients next financial year than this year, and in some cases fewer, to claw back an overspend that has been forecast to hit £790m by the end of this month." (Financial Times 4.3.06)

£50bn Red Tape bill- "Government regulations have cost British business £50bn since Labour came to power. Research by the British Chambers of Commerce based on official figures shows that the burden to business of complying with workplace, consumer protection and environmental regulations has reached £10bn a year. This Government has introduced over 17,800 new regulations." (Daily Telegraph 1.3.06)

Total for the week- £50.9 billions.

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