Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Leadership Spot The Difference

BP is Britain's most valuable company, employing 103,000 staff. It is led by Lord Browne who joined the company in 1966, while still at university; he started as an apprentice and worked his way to the top.

HSBC is Britain's second most valuable company, employing 284,000 staff. It is led by Sir John Bond who joined the company in 1961, at the age of 21; he started as a clerk and worked his way to the top.

Tesco is Britain's most successful retailer, employing 335,000 staff. It is led by Sir Terry Leahy who joined the company in 1979, at the age of 23; he started as a marketing executive and worked his way to the top.

The NHS is Britain's dysfunctional health service, employing "approximately 1.3 million staff" when last officially sighted (in 2004). It is "led" by CPO Commissar Hewitt, who joined ten months ago; she started as...er, the boss. Although she did have all this highly relevant experience:

1971-73: Press and PR with Age Concern
1973-83: Womens Rights officer and then General Secretary for National Council for Civil Liberties
1983-1992: Press Secretary to Neil Kinnock; also helped set up Institute for Public Policy Research, Tony Blair's favourite thinktank
1993-97: Anderson Consulting (yeah-but-no-but-yeah-but-definitely-not-the-bit-of-Arthur-Anderson-that-had-to-be-shut-down-because-it-cooked-the-books-at-Enron-honestly-anyone-would-think-the-whole-barrel-was-rotten-anyway-they-probably-only-gave-her-a-job-because-of-her-Labour-contacts-so-she-wouldn't-have-had-nuffink-to-do-wiv-any-of-that-anyway-so-shuttup)


At least we now know why she spends so much time trying to spin the press against all those nincompoops she reckons she has to deal with in the NHS (as always, see the unmissable Doc Crippen for a GP's view of her latest outburst blaming the doctors for the entire NHS fiasco).

PS The NHS safe in their hands. Hah. First, they gave us Dobbo Dobson. Nuff said. Then the appalling Brylcreem Bounce Milburn, so bad he attracted his own dedicated website, "Don't Vote For Milburn" (sadly now defunct, but see here for flavour). Then Doctor "I'll see you Jeremy" Reid (only when we went to him with severe necrotising bureaucratis gravis did we discover his doctorate is actually just in economic history). And now the Commissar. Who is not only hopeless, but also Australian (born and educated in Canberra, where her Dad was a top Aussie bureaucrat). Why couldn't she have stayed there to destroy their health system? We'll have Kylie instead.


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