Thursday, March 16, 2006

High Rent Bureaucrats

The Department of Culture Media and Sport costs us £3bn pa in hand-outs and admin costs. It is of course a disgrace that we taxpayers are forced to pay for any of it (see previous blogs, eg here). But it's even worse to find out they're wasting at least £4m pa on overpriced office accomodation for their bureaucrats.

That's the conclusion of today's National Audit Office report, which says DCMS and its offshoots spend £43m pa on accomodation, at a cost of £8,573 per employee. But there's wide variation around the average, and some offices are clearly palatial.

One of the most outrageously expensive billets is the DCMS HQ:

"This accommodated 335 staff at a total cost of £7 million in 2004-05; an average cost of £20,929 per person. The analysis shows that this is due to both high costs per square metre (£1,067) and high space per person (19.6 square metres)".

We know Tess has problems with figures, but this is pretty rich even for her.

PS The most expensive accomodation per head is that enjoyed by the jobsworths at the Football Licensing Authority in London W1: "This office accommodated six staff at a cost of £180,600 in 2004-05; an average cost of £30,100 per person". That's particularly interesting since the FLA is one of Dan Lewis' 10 Most Useless Quangos. As he says: "If a football team can afford to pay £27 million for Wayne Rooney, why should the taxpayer – not all of whom like football – be forced to fund the Football Licensing Authority to the tune of £1.1 million a year?" And now we know that nearly 20% of their budget goes on plush offices. Herrumph.

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