Wednesday, March 08, 2006

All Defeatists And Cowards Will Be Shot- Update

Did he go or was he pushed? When any CEO leaves unexpectedly and with immediate effect, we always know the answer. Particularly when he is granted a full pension and continued membership of the country club, or in Sir Nigels' case a peerage.

We've blogged about the mounting NHS crisis many times (see here for overview). Having presided over the biggest NHS spending bonanza ever, Sir Nigel was in an impossible position. Ordered by Commissar Hewitt to rein in that looming £1bn deficit at all costs, what else could he do other than issue that order to shoot all defeatists, panic-mongers and cowards? And it was that which apparently sealed his fate. As so often, a cowardly politician willed the heroic end, but not the grisly means. At least, not if the means become public.

In the end, despite all those innovative cross-cutting inclusion initiatives, Labour's unreformed bloated NHS has only one tool at its managerial disposal: command and control. And while- at huge cost- that may have won at Stalingrad, it has never worked in the much more difficult business of tractor production. Still less will it ever work in healthcare.

Real NHS reform means breaking it up, freeing healthcare professionals to run themselves, and putting choice and spending power in the hands of we customers (as always, see the excellent Reform for more).

PS OCP Commissar Hewitt will be appearing on the steps of Bart's Hospital later to announce her latest "triumph"- saving the massive Bart's PFI project. Saving it, that is, herself (see previous blog). We might go along to take some snaps.


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